Strategy Services at Resource Media

Communications Planning

No matter what the campaign or project, success requires a roadmap. If you don&rsquot know where you&rsquore going, you&rsquore not going to get there.

We&rsquoll create a strategic communications plan after guiding you through a series of  questions about your goals, target audiences, potential spokespeople and the other resources available for your efforts.

We&rsquoll also consider other research elements such as media audits and public opinion research when crafting the plan.

Message Development

Part art, part science, effective messages are key to the success of any campaign.

We&rsquoll work closely with you to create the messages that will move your key audiences. We use research, data, media analyses and more to find out what your target audiences care about and what will move them to act.

Resource Media writes, edits and produces comprehensive message guides on a range of topics to help you and your partners stay on message. Designed as a strategy, training and reference tool, we distribute them to coalitions, campaigns and others to guide their work.

Organizational Identity and Branding

What sets your organization apart, and can you articulate that distinction?  Do your staff, board and other key stakeholders use a common framework to express your values and vision?  Are all of your communications assets aligned behind a compelling brand promise?

We use a combination of competitive analysis, qualitative research and a hands-on workshop to help you distill the essence of your story into a clear, concise organizational identity.  Logo, tagline, positioning &mdash we can help you during any stage of your brand whether it's launching a new group or refreshing an established name. Most importantly, we'll work closely with you to integrate your brand strategy across all of your communications platforms and channels.

Our online branding surveys are powered by SurveyGizmo survey software.

Messenger Identification and Development

Experts, spokespeople and real-life characters are central to any story. Often they add credibility or local color. Sometimes they&rsquore an icon for the story you&rsquore trying to tell. They can be people from all walks of life.

Think of ranchers defending their land or nurses taking care of sick children. We work with you to identify credible sources and people who can best represent your issue. We&rsquoll prepare them to answer the hard questions and interview effectively.

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