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New Communications Initiative

Our New Communications Initiative (NCI) is designed to increase and expand the understanding and application of new communications trends and technologies. NCI provides research and resources to help you and others in our broad community stay ahead of the curve.

NCI includes:

The Feed

The Feed gives you the inside scoop about the ever-changing world of digital media, including trends, tips and best practices in plain English. We&rsquoll guide you with step-by-step proven ways to maximize your time and resources and reach the audiences that matter most to you.  

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Learning Lab

The Learning Lab integrates communications theory and practice to provide in-depth training modules that address a range of on-the-ground challenges. Each training module includes a research assessment, presentation guide, workbook and online training capability. For example, our Building Strategic Alliances and Bridging the Divide provide recommendations for promoting sound conservation policies even in difficult political circumstances.









Download "Building Strategic Alliances"

Download "Bridging the Divide"

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how these essentials could be applied to your work.

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